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You can easily work out how old a vehicle is once you understand the way the ‘age identifier’ changes over time. Here’s our guide. New registrations changed from annual to twice yearly in Shortly after, in September , the current format number plate was introduced, made up of three parts:. New rules about typefaces and ‘GB’ plates came into force with the introduction of the new plates. You can still choose to display the blue European Flag with “GB” within the circle of stars on your number plates. This allows you to travel within Europe without the need to display the conventional oval sticker to identify the member state in which the vehicle is registered. If your number plates display a national flag and identifier then you will still have to display the conventional oval ‘GB’ sticker when travelling in Europe.

Car Registration Years

Find your perfect number plate using our search. Matches to names, numbers, initials Find matches to prefix plates. Pick a prefix letter, a number and three more letters.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Dateless vehicle number plates use a combination of numbers and letters to identify a vehicle. However, they do not have a number or letter identifying the year that a car was manufactured. Dateless number plates can be transferred to any UK vehicle in any part of the country.

They can be used to add personalisation to your vehicle, and they prevent others from knowing the year of registration. Find dateless vehicle number plates on eBay to access any of a host of unique registration plates. Dateless vehicle number plates can be used to replace the registration plate of any vehicle, including cars, motorbikes, and vans. Every plate is unique, which means that there cannot be two of the same plate, even with dateless variants.

Dateless vehicle number plates are unique and they meet vehicle registration laws, but they offer the advantage of you being able to pick the combination of numbers and letters that are used. There are certain layouts that are available, you can be as creative as you like and use letters to represent numbers and vice versa. Up to three letters and four numbers can be used, and there must be at least one of each type in a registration.

Any combination of letters and numbers can be used as long as they comply with letter and numerical requirements.

History of Number Plates

Dateless number plates are those that do not tell other motorists about the year in which a vehicle was built. With a dateless private reg plate, nobody needs to know when your car was manufactured or how old it is. Your vehicle will look forever young – well, from a number plate perspective. Local licensing authorities introduced the dateless number plate style in Dateless license plates were ubiquitous in the UK until the introduction of the suffix system in However, because there were fewer vehicles on the road before the s, the number of dateless number plates issued was few.

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This article focuses on the history of GB Mainland number plates. Interested in the History of Irish Number Plates? At the beginning of the century, with mechanically propelled vehicles increasing in number, and accidents occurring more frequently, it became apparent that a means of identifying cars had become necessary. The solution was The Motor Car Act From 1st January it become compulsory for every motorcar to be registered with a number plate.

This came about 5 years after Dutch authorities first introduced the idea to the world. The first mark to be issued in London was the simple, bold, A1 and this was registered to Earl Russell. He wanted the mark so badly he camped out all night to secure it, making him not only the first registrant but also the inventor of the idea of having a distinctive, personalised or cherished plate on a vehicle.

Since then, the registration system has changed 4 times to accommodate the ever-growing demand for vehicle registrations.

Dating a British vehicle by its number plate

Personalised Number Plates. Motor Marks Cherished Numbers and Personalised Registration Plates are always looking to purchase more personalised registrations for their existing clients and general stock. If you have a registration number that you would like to sell outright rather than have us advertise it for you please follow the link below and fill out the form. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, or DVLA as they are more commonly known, produce a periodical newsletter for external stakeholders, commercial customers and suppliers.

Cherished number plates which are also known as dateless or antique number plates are vehicle registration numbers that were first issued before and therefore do not have a suffix or prefix age identifier.

Cherished Car Number Plates and DVLA Personalised Registration Numbers.

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Some of these personalised number plates are over years old and are truly unique cherished car registrations numbers.

March 1st and New Numberplates Explained have to conform to the year dating system HOWEVER personalised number plates cannot.

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Cherished Car Number Plates and Personalised Registration Numbers

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The mark allocated to a machine is related in various ways to the age of the vehicle. For some owners this is acceptable but for most, particularly those with classic machines, a number plate of the style in use when the bike was new is preferable. To get a certificate, please start by first of all filling in the form at the bottom of the page with the bike and your details. You will receive a reply asking you to email preferable or send in any supporting documentation you have eg.

You should also provide a picture of the bike from each side and the engine and frame numbers. The pictures should show the bike in the form it is going to be when licensed so it must be substantially complete. The DVLA are a bit particular about handing out registration numbers for old or imported vehicles.

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